iOS and Android Apps

We live in a mobile world. Users are migrating rapidly from the desktop to smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. At MOCA, we bring some serious engineering muscle to bear to build you the perfect mobile app. Our designers will create a slick, intuitive user interface and our engineers will ensure that your app is fast and reliable. We also have a wealth of experience creating scalable back-end servers that interface with mobile apps to do the heavy lifting. Whether you need an iOS app, an Android app or a portable app that uses web technology, we have the team and experience to create it.

User Friendly Apps

Our talented team of graphic designers create pixel perfect mocks of every application screen. These mocks are passed to the development team for implementation. Every one or two weeks throughout the development cycle, a new release is cut and passed to QA for verification. In addition to running automated tests, manual testing is performed wherever necessary.