Our Team

Who works on your project?

We hire only the top software engineers with accredited backgrounds. Our Engineers have worked at top consulting firms and have advanced degrees from top colleges all over the world.

The MOCA team has been hand-picked  to create a interdisciplinary team of specialists to work on our clients most important projects. Javascript and Python are at the core of our technology stack, and every single of one of engineer has advanced knowledge in both programming languages. To learn more about our team you can email us at info@mocasolutions.com or call us at (732) – 491 – 7128.

Full Stack Development

Our full-stack developers are an exceptional group of experienced engineers with strong backgrounds in algorithms and object-oriented programming. We have generally found self-professed “JavaScript ninjas” to be lacking when it comes to designing and implementing complex software architectures. As a result, we tend to hire C++ and Java experts and train them in the intricacies of JavaScript development ourselves.