Project Quality Assurance

Each project has a quality assurance engineer assigned as an integral part of the project team. After project kick-off, the QA engineer creates a test plan to determine how the app will be tested throughout the development process. As the developers write code, QA is writing automated tests to ensure the new features are working correctly and to catch regressions. Our DevOps team can help you architect your web app deployment environment and deploy the production version of the app. We can also perform stress-testing on the app to make sure that it meets your scalability requirements and set up a monitoring service to keep an eye on it and verify that it is running smoothly. Depending on the specific requirements, we use either Heroku or Amazon AWS for deployment.

Development and Production

Our development team is split broadly into two groups: front-end and full-stack. Our front-end engineers take the mocks produced by the graphic designer and turn them into clean, modular, responsive HTML and CSS. Our full-stack engineers do the rest: designing the overall application architecture, writing complex front-end JavaScript, building the back-end and integrating with the database.